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Monday, August 22, 2005

Ever go to a wedding that had something to really remember?

My wedding, for example. It was a great one. I married a wonderful girl. Why does things like this always have something to make you remember a bad portion? Somehow or another the chapel we got married in had a video package that was basically a vhs tape of the ceremony. They managed to record NO sound. What a spectacular film.

When I was in college, I had a tendency to speak my mind (like i don't do that now...yeah, right), which usually got me into trouble of some sort. Weddings were no different. At my roommate's wedding, I was one of the groomsmen. We had a lot of fun and the people were just having a great time with the whole deal. At the end of the wedding you have the traditional greeting line where the bride and groom wait just outside the sanctuary and everyone comes by, shakes hands, hugs, etc etc.

Well, of course, the groomsmen and bridesmaids got to go first, so when I came up to the bride I gave her a big hug then shook my roommate's hand said, "Well, it's Miller time!" Got a bruise on my shoulder for that.

Then my brother got married and I was a groomsman in there too, as well as part of the musical entertainment. It was a fun one too. But I had to do something, because, well, it was my brother and he needed to remember this special occasion.

So, I had the bride wisper to him during one of the pauses in the ceremony. "I don't do windows." was all she said. His shoulders visibly sagged. I had to bite my lip to keep from giggling out loud. But then, I couldn't stop there. When the pastor asked for the ring, all 3 of us guys pulled all of our pockets inside out looking for the ring, to finally find in in the last guy's pocket. His wife looked a little pale, but I didn't get any bruises.

I've always carried a camera around with me, at least except for the last 10 years or so. In school I did anyway. I got to start taking pictures at weddings to make some pocket money and also give my friends good deals on the pics so they didn't cost them a fortune.

Recently, one of my cousins asked me if I'd shoot his wedding for him so he could save a few bucks. Well, I couldn't really say no, so I did it. It was fun one as well and everyone had a great time. Although, the next couple of pics makes you wonder what the deal exactly was there tho.

Now what kind of marriage relationship is being displayed here? Does this look like the kind of give and take that we're supposed to have with our spouse?

All things considered, the cake at this wedding is a pretty clear sign of things to come.

The latest one I went to was for a couple of the younger people in my band (which I'll post stuff on later). It was a very nice traditional wedding. They had a very short service that included a short video of them growing up, meeting, spending time together and growing closer, an overall emotional film for those close to the newlyweds. If you know someone who can do video edits on their pc, I recommend you do this. It is a great way to have a momento of the occasion.

Now this one is a pretty different look to it. All things considered here, we'll know who picks clothes out. Even the little guy on the end has pink socks on. Man, you may have damaged this boy by forcing a pair of pink socks on him.


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