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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stirring the pot?

There's an article over at GOPUSA where Ann Coulter and Joseph Farah are having a tiff over Coulter's decision to give a speech to a gay Republican group. While it is every bit her right to do so and the group's right to hire her, sometimes you must consider moral ground before the money. This was my comment on the article:

While I will commend Beck, Farah and Coulter for standing up for what they believe, they, like me and you, have faults. Trying to forgive them in this day and age is definitely a challenge.

Anyone who criticizes Farah for what he did is missing the point he's trying to make. As a Christian, everyday you must make discerning choices as to what the Lord would have you to do. He obviously feels like Coulter made a bad choice by accepting the offer to give a speech to a bunch of gays. What political party they are makes no difference. What they represent, according to scriptures, is an abomination to God almighty. If Farah is to stand by his faith, he had to make the hard choice of dropping her from his presentation.

Coulter, of whom I've admired for her unfearing methods of standing up to the idiots in power, seems to have made a living off of sounding like she's a Christian, but ends up going with the mammon of choice instead of simple morals.

If she were really a friend of Farah's as was implied, she would have taken his decision in stride and wished him well and went on with her life. But, it would seem, she's the one choosing to be the publicity whore and make the big scene out of a man simply sticking by his beliefs.

If that's what she's thinking she is doing, then her beliefs include money over morals.

I think Ms. Coulter has not lost any of her republican credentials. However, I do think she has lost her moral creds.

If you are not of the belief that we are slowly losing our nation to progressives, communists, marxists, socialists, liberals, muzlims, perverts and other assorted non Christian groups, then you will disagree with what Farah is doing. No offense to gays, I have some acquaintances who are of that persuasion, but I don't berate them and shun them. I try to remember to pray for them so their soul won't be lost forever when they die and that their lifestyle will not be pushed on us as normal, because if God says it's an abomination to his creation, then it ain't normal.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What justice department??

It would seem that we don't have a functional justice dept any more. They let the black panthers off with a smack on the wrist. They go after Arizona for simply trying to defend themselves. They treat terrorists who wish us all dead as if they shoplifted a pkg of pencils at Kmart. Now, they've ignored the rights of children who's school decided to spy on them outside of school without any permission from parents.

This is simply dereliction of duty. Can they be jailed for that?

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

INS misses out on another big bust

This stupid administration could solve so many problems in this country with one big INS raid. Grad a few thousand of these criminals and the rest would hide or leave for quite and extensive amount of time.

Look at the amount of tax dollars we'd save in the long run.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Pot calls kettle black(ish)

Biden is such a tool. This is such a clear cut case of that fact, it's ridiculous.

I think the wire news outlets should rename the article:

Dumb*ss calls someone with a real job smart*ss.


What exactly is the hold up???

The world's largest oil skimmer is waiting on red tape?????

Get it down there already!

Obummer couldn't manage his way out of an upside down paper bag.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wacky pet names!

Just read this article about the 50 wackiest pet names for dogs and cats. Some were pretty funny. The #1 dog name was pickle von corndog. Instant classic!

Funny thing is there were a few names on there that I called some of my pets! We used to have a trio of cats that I called them the poopers, for obvious reasons. Their real names were Evie, Squirt and Callie. I called them Squeak, Squirt and Squally. Evie's meow-er didn't work when she was young, so I named her squeak. Squirt was a great name because he was so tiny when we got him, but he ended up being the largest of the 3. Callie was the grumpiest whiny cat I ever saw, so squally was a perfect fit. Made for a fun group of names.

Since then, Squirt and Callie have passed on, so we recently got 2 new kittens, after many many selections, we finally settled on Goober and Gomer. Now I refer to them as major trouble and general mayhem.

What's your pet's name? Have any fun variations on it?


The Oil Spill in the Gulf has some weird implications

I'm wondering why obummer can't seem to make up his mind as to whether or not BP is the bad guy in the spill in the Gulf. Seems pretty easy to me: Either BP screwed up big time or not.

I guess the hard part is determining if the company that BP rented the oil rig from might be at fault somewhat, or perhaps the contractor that drilled the hole, or maybe the company that manufactured the parts that failed to create the mess in the first place. Maybe it's all of them. Maybe it's the failure of the government inspectors?

Regardless, I can't understand why obummer and his cronies haven't concentrated on fixing the leak but they can spend time pointing fingers, posing for good photo ops and making more useless speeches. And of course, no surprise here, make sure and not let a good crisis go to waste.....while the people of Louisiana start seriously considering what to do now that the oil business is officially being governmentally crippled....and the people of a nation are beginning to wonder if our leaders could manage their way out of an upside down paper bag.

I guess there's always the democratic approach: when in doubt, raise taxes, run away like a scared little girl, make empty promises, blame Bush/Republicans or create more regulation where it isn't needed.

My bet is that somehow, some way, BP oil is going to come out shining like a rose in the long run. The criminals in the white house and gang always need a scapegoat to hide behind and BP is the obvious choice, just like in the mortgage meltdown, Goldman-Sachs was one of the big scapegoats, now look at them: they're still in business and many of their board and leadership is now on obummer's personal staff in his illegally created task force.

I just can't get it out of my mind that BP oil was a big supporter of more regulations, taxes and other things to make the price of oil even higher that it was during the hurricane Katrina aftermath. They've been involved in several things that are diametrically opposed to good business practices when it comes to being a little too cozy with big government guys.

Don't you find it strange that just a mere few weeks after obummer supposedly lifted the drilling ban in a few unproductive areas that an oil rig mysteriously explodes, sinks and creates the worst man made natural disaster in history??? I do. Apparently, that's just the tip of the iceberg. It would seem that our glorious administration used an antiquated law to prevent countries with the technology and expertise to fix this disaster from helping fix it. Then, they drag their feet to make sure the oil comes ashore in wetland areas to cause the most harm to wildlife rather than approving Louisiana to make barrier islands out of sandbags.

Why isn't congress all over him about an impeachment? This is outright dereliction of duty to protect our nation and it's resources.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What was that???

It's been an overly hectic 2 months. My local congressional candidate lost the primary by just around 1200 votes. Bummer. I had 2 servers crash at work (and not at the same time). Lost some personal time over that one. My lawnmower tried to kill me (but thank God I'm still here to tell the story). My cats are trying to spend all my money and the power won't stay on. The brakes went out on my pickup...while I was driving....right when someone pulled out in front of me.

Now, do you see why I picked this website name??


Friday, April 30, 2010

What was he thinking???

This borders on treason, in my opinion. At minimum, worthy of impeachment. Hopefully, the good people of Arizona will ask this congressman to possibly move to Mexico, then he can fully appreciate the plight of all those illegal aliens. Jerk. I'll seriously consider contributing $$ to a moving van.....

Monday, April 26, 2010

NCAA rule changes.

The NCAA has decided to make some more rule changes. Seems kinda childish to place the new rules about taunting. Sheesh, that's just part of the game and the psychological trips you take during play. The thought police in action, for sure!!

But then, whats the deal with the no msgs in your eyeblack rule? We've not heard of a single reference to anything vulgar or insulting via that, just an OMG it's a Christian msg. What are they scared of?

NCAA must mean No Christianity Allowed at All.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Reply from Congressman Hill

Just thought that if you didn't send any email to representative Hill during the run up to the health care vote, here's his official response, particularly if you used American Family Association's mail system to send a mail to him referencing funding for abortion.

I honestly don't know how this guy sleeps at night.

But the nice thing is that Mr. Travis Hankins (who I happen to be campaigning for) is making Mr. Hill nervous and we haven't even gotten to the primaries yet.

He (meaning Mr. Hill) verbally accosted 2 of my fellow campaigners in Rising Sun last week when he went to speak to the veterans there about health care. Yes, they were wearing Travis Hankins for congress shirts, but that just seemed to fire up Mr. Hill. (Too bad we didn't have a video camera on site.)

He ran up to one of them standing outside on the sidewalk, got nose to nose, and started yelling at her and eventually telling her she wasn't welcome there. Her response was that she thought that since she was HIS constituent, he'd be interested in trying to get her to switch her support and vote. Mr. Hill's award winning response was to tell her he didn't want her vote.

But remember, I told you there were 2 of my friends there. The other happens to be a veteran. So, she went inside to Mr. Hill's meeting, wearing a Travis Tshirt. Mr. Hill also told her she wasn't welcome there as she wasn't invited. After informing him of being a vet, he backed off.

I send you this because you know me and I'm not making this up. I want you to forward the info to other voters in our district as they need to be made aware of what a jerk this guy is. I've personally seen Mr. Hill yell at and degrade his own staff on a public street. This is not the kind of man I want representing me in Washington DC and I suspect you don't either, regardless of your political party.

Please know, all the experts agree the recent health care bill that was signed into law last week does allow for federal funds to be used to support abortion clinics. Mr. Hill is blatantly lying about that in his response letter below. The leading abortion providers have already stated that even the executive order that Obama signed a day or 2 later has no bearing on the abortion industry receiving federal funding and they were very happy about the results.

I know Mr. Hankins has promised me personally as well as countless others he will not support any kind of legislation such as this and will fight to end this and other legislation like it, once he's elected. So, I ask you to consider voting for Travis come primary day (May 4). He is running on the republican ticket. Thanks for your time and consideration.

--- On Tue, 4/6/10, Congressman Baron Hill wrote:

From: Congressman Baron Hill
Subject: Reply from Congressman Baron Hill
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2010, 9:31 AM

April 6, 2010

Dear Mr. Constituent,

Thank you for contacting me about abortion funding and health care reform. I appreciate hearing from you on this very important matter.

Throughout my congressional tenure I have been an ardent opponent of using federal funds to cover abortion services. As you may know, when the U.S. House of Representatives considered health insurance reform last November, I supported an amendment offered by Congressman Bart Stupak, which prohibited federal funds from covering abortions.

As the House moved to consider the Senate reform measure, I thoroughly reviewed language in this particular bill pertaining to federal funding of abortion. After careful analysis and input from nonpartisan legal experts, I determined that the Senate bill strictly prohibits federal funds from covering abortions services as well.

Bolstering the reform bill, the President issued an executive order further ensuring that no federal subsidies can be used for abortion-related services and that federal funds received by community health centers are subject to the Hyde Amendment. In addition, the revised legislation provides $250 million over ten years to pay for counseling, education, job training and housing for vulnerable women who are pregnant or parenting. Another provision provides a substantial increase in the adoption tax credit and funding for adoption assistance programs. Such measures have led noted religious organizations like the Catholic Health Association, the Catholic Sisters and the United Methodist Church to support H.R. 3590.

With my concerns regarding this issue addressed, and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) rendering its fiscal report on H.R. 3590, I cast my vote in support of the reform legislation. This revised bill covers more uninsured Americans than the respective House and Senate bills, while also reducing the deficit more effectively. In fact, the CBO reported that the bill will reduce the deficit by $143 billion dollars during the first ten years of the program, and $1.2 trillion in the second ten years, effectively making it the biggest deficit reduction legislation since 1993.

This has been a long, deliberative and passionate process that has rendered a fiscally-responsible, inclusive and effective final product. I would like to thank the thousands of Southern Indiana residents who contacted me to voice their opinions and actively participated in this process. If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. And, if you would like to receive periodic email updates on my congressional activities, please visit


Baron P. Hill

Member of Congress

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More facts that aren't quite factual

Here's an interview posted on my local radio station site with our Indiana 9th district non representative, Baron Hill.

Poor Baron needs to be let out of the enclosed room he lives in. I can't believe this guy is actually dumb enough to use poll numbers that clearly show the American people do not want health care reform in this manner, but he still says that poll is distorted. He had to resort to polls from, shall we say, left leaning orgs to show the numbers even close to being evenly split.

The gall of this guy. A poll shows 70% of the people don't want this reform pkg, yet he said this is distorted. Sounds more like it to me that his brain is distorted. Check this unrelated poll.

I still wonder what kind of bribe the obummer administration offered him to get his vote. It's either that, or he's using his office for personal gain. I remember at a tea party protest he was brave enough to confront that he said he was pushing for this health care bill because his daughter was having trouble getting health care coverage for an existing condition. Which is it? Did you get a bribe, or are you making us pay for your daughter's health care coverage?

Hill is actually dumb enough to say:
People will begin to warm up to the health care changes once they begin seeing the benefits.

Would that be the massive tax hikes benefit, or the massive fines for people that don't want it, the massive forced inclusion of people into the system that don't need it, or the massive increase of IRS employees to coerce us into buying into this load of crap? What about the portion that says it's mandatory that I have an RFID chip implanted in me so they can keep track of me?

Or perhaps the death panels option? Poor Baron seems to believe this is a myth. Hmm. Well, I guess poor Baron still hasn't read the bill because it is now officially up to the government as to whether or not you will be able to receive the health care you seek. If that happens to be life threatening, then I'd say we can call that a death panel.

My request of poor Baron is this: put it up to a vote and see just what the people of the 9th district believe. I'll bet it's not what you wish it was.

He's so deceived.

Poor Baron.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The plan all along

I am just so thrilled that the non representatives of the people of this nation voted in more legislation we didn't want or ask for. Great. Not.

There are so many places to point the finger of blame for this, but we the people are the most responsible. We either didn't really check on who we voted for or just was plain lazy and voted for the letter beside the name. That's what got us in the boat we are now in.

Sure, bribe-em obummer, liar-liar-pants-on-fire pelosi and the-biggest-loser reid are the enablers and champions of this unconstitutional horrid-ness. But for the last step in the journey, I'd like to place the finger of blame on the forehead of "the last straw" congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan.

I believe Mr. Stupak had no intention of keeping funds for abortions out of the bill all along. I think he was just the chosen one to bear the brunt of the people. Think about it. Stupak was recorded prior to the house version that he would still vote for the legislation even if the abortion industry was kept out of it.

Some Christians were duped from the start into believing this bill would include language to prevent funding of abortions. What it really did was disable formidable organizations such as AFA and FRC from fighting the real problem of socialized health care and the damage it will do to American families. They were not pushing to kill the bill from the start because the entire package was wrong for America....they were only focused on abortion.

Mr. Stupak, you are an embarrassment to the American people. May God have mercy on your soul.

It would seem you get what you earn.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Facts that aren't quite factual

It would seem that my esteemed representative to the congress of these United States has a bit of a problem with facts. Or better described, he has a problem with getting them straight.

The Mrs. sent me a link on the local radio station site (which would seem to be a supporter of poor Baron) news site where Mr. Hill would seem to be a tad bit upset about some organization that is stepping up to the plate and calling a spade a spade. Or better yet, they're calling political lies political lies.

I actually laughed out loud when I read the name of the 2 sites that poor Baron said people should go "check what these ads are saying". The 2 sites are known liberal/progressive outlets for "facts" that happen to support the liberal/progressive cause (or pet project of the day).

Poor Baron said this org (Employers for a Healthy Economy) that produced the attack ads is made up of insurance companies. Well, I took poor Baron up on his offer and went to look up not the "facts in question", but poor Baron's fact of this org being just insurance companies.


They're a bunch of companies that do actual work and have actual people doing work! I'm trying to figure out how the Master Electrical Contractors of Dayton managed to become an insurance company? (I'm sure they would too!) And the hundreds of other companies on there that obviously aren't insurance companies became that way in poor Baron's eyes?????

My guess is that poor Baron didn't bother to check anything out other than spouting off the party lines and dribble just to try to make this go away. Well, ladies and gents, it's time to start questioning what poor Baron has been telling us for the last several years. If he can't get this simple thing right, how can he possibly get any of the more complicated things right? Especially 2000+ page congressional bills?

He must really think the people in the 9th district of Indiana are really stupid.

Poor Baron.

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Speaking of bribes....

My local dearest representative, Mr. Hill, has decided at the last minute to start bribing his constituents. The locals have been asking for high speed internet for over 10 years, but because it's mostly all rural, nobody was interested in the ROI. (Odds are it's a negative number)

The feds have been saying they were going to subsidize getting high speed in the rural areas 3 or 4 presidential elections ago, so maybe something will happen so they can spend even more money.

Wow. Imagine that!

The FCC has officially been giving out money for this based on an application process, which I guess all providers in rural areas are eligible to do. Why just at this moment did Mr Hill get off his keister and take credit for the success of the application process??


The opposition

If you have any clue to what is going on in politics these days, I'm sure you might be aware of the involvement of a PAC called These cutthroats are the lunatic fringe of the liberal side of the democrat party. They are funded by George Soros, the ultra billionaire from another country, with one agenda: the total destruction of the USA as we have known it to be.

They hide behind the hijacked label of democrat. These guys are not democrats in any way shape or form. They're socialists/marxists/commies/progressives bent only destroying the one decent thing left on the planet preventing them to totally take over the planet. The Good ole USA.

Don't believe me?

Check out the wording on one of their recent requests to get people to sign a petition to ditch Blanche Lincoln, senator from Arkansas up for re-election:

Dear MoveOn member,

Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln doesn't act much like a Democrat--so why is the party establishment in Washington jumping to her defense?

The chair of the Senate Democrats' campaign committee said yesterday, "We always support our incumbents. We are with Blanche Lincoln."

That's outrageous given that she's facing a serious primary challenge from Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter--a genuine Democrat who won't side with corporate interests to block President Obama's agenda.

Democratic voters in Arkansas deserve an opportunity to choose the party's nominee for themselves. Can you sign our petition urging the party establishment to stand aside instead of supporting Lincoln? The petition says, "Democratic Party committees and elected officials shouldn't spend any time or money supporting Blanche Lincoln's primary campaign or attacking her challenger, Bill Halter."

Sure, Democratic Party committees mainly work to re-elect incumbents--but when there's a serious primary race like this, they should stay out.

Bill Halter has clearly demonstrated that he's a strong candidate with incredible support from grassroots progressives across the country. Most of us hadn't heard of him a month ago. If the $1 million people just donated isn't a sign of voters' anger with corporate Democrats in Washington, then what is?

On the other hand, Blanche Lincoln consistently sides with Republicans on important legislation. And polls show she's wildly unpopular back home--so she has very little chance of winning in November even if she gets the Democratic nomination.

Democratic officials in Washington need to understand that taking any further steps to support Lincoln will outrage the grassroots activists an ..."

Democratic Party committees and elected officials shouldn't spend any time or money supporting Blanche Lincoln's primary campaign or attacking her challenger, Bill Halter.

Now most people think Blanche is not going get re-elected based on some of the stuff she's done and said. But to have your own party members come down on you because you waffled a little on one of the bigger agenda items is pretty lethal.

It seems that the president has stooped even further down from his past bribes (ie: the Louisiana purchase, the Cornhusker kickback) as he's just given one of the defiant democrats' brothers a nomination to an appellate court position. That's pretty bold of BHO.

Anyway, take a look at the paragraph above I colored red. It would seem they're blaming this on the senator and "corporate interests". Funny, I think she's voted several times as her constituents want and yet mystical all powerful corporate interests are blamed. These idiots don't care what the American people want, they only care what they want and they have conned a bunch of people into believing their hogwash. And all disguised as democrat in nature.

It's put our great nation into an even greater amount of peril. When we fall, there will be no other nations left that stand for freedom and the little guy. That'll be it and they'll be able to start their run to rule the planet.

Don't believe them. All they want is power. And your money.

You know, there is a reason there are signs in the parks that say "don't feed the bears". It's because the bears will eat you.

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Email of the day!

According to experts, the following comedic words and phrases should be avoided at all costs when discussing the Underwear Bomber:

Fruit of Ka-Boom
Victoria’s Secret Weapon
Cannon Balls
Explosive “Package”
Great Balls of Fire
Projectile Dysfunction
Battle of the Bulge
Crotch Rocket
Trouser Howitzer
Jock Wave
Jock and Awe
Pant Payload
Bum Blast
Smoking Gun
Jocked and Loaded
Molotov Crotchtail
Pipe Bomb
Plasdick Explosive
Trouser Torpedo
IED (Improvised Explosive Drawers)
IED (Improvised Explosive Diaper)
IED (Improvised Explosive Depends)
Is that an explosive device in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Court idiots

I applaud Montana's legislature for standing up to govt tyranny where it comes to 2nd amendment rights. I think all 50 states should do the same. That said....

But, Montana apparently isn't the bastion of freedom my previous sentence would lead you to believe. A court there has ruled against free speech, which is a constitutional violation imho.

Some kid who was a valedictorian at her high school had to have her speech approved. (When did that start by the way?) And the mentally challenged judge ruled against her 1 mention of Jesus and 1 mention of God, neither in which case was she using in prayer or preaching.

I don't understand how schools can force a valedictorian to allow them to "approve" their speech. That should be considered a violation of their free speech rights to begin with. You would think if a kid was smart enough to be valedictorian, their speech would reflect a little bit of the mental meddle required to give such a speech that would have meaning to the giver as well as the audience. I submit that most valedictorians have more mental meddle than this particular court judge.

Good God, these liberals are killing us!

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