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Friday, August 12, 2005

A mama's boy...

Most guys cringe at hearing someone say that about them. We want to be a man's man, not mama's boy. But then again, my dog doesn't mind. Oakley's a mama's boy and proud of it. Notice in the picture above he's actually leaning on my wife's legs. He goes everywhere she does if he can get away with it. For example, we'll be sitting in the family room watching the idiot box and the Mrs. decides to get herself a drink and heads to the kitchen, which is next to the family room with no wall separating them (it's like one giant room). Oak bounds to attention and faithfully follows her in there. Of course, some of the time he gets something to eat out of the effort.

But even if he's a mama's boy, he's still my little buddy. He likes to help take out the trash (mostly because he gets to ride down the driveway with his head out the window). He likes to follow me around the yard on the tractor, unless I'm mowing. Yup, he thinks he's a person.

But he's still a mama's boy.


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