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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Other house residents

These are the wife's pride and joy. Here you can see them doing what they do best...which is get cat hair all over the new afgan the wife made (I thought which was for me). Their proper names are Evie, Callie and Squirt. Callie (the calico - duh)is the oldest and subsequently the crankiest. Squirt is the mostly white cat (his name reflects how small he was when we got him). Evie is the tabby. She's only been seen by 5 other humans. She's scared of her own shadow. It was a stray at the wife's sister's house. I renamed her to squeak because her meow doesn't work right, except when you put her in the crate to go to the vet. Then it works all too well. So, in honor of Callie's wonderful personality, I changed her nickname from Fuzzbutt to Squalley. There you have them...Squeak, Squirt and Squalley.


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