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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Out of control court system

I believe the entire court system of the USA is out of control. They now legislate regularly from the bench and no one in the media or other 2 branches of govt. takes them to task. I just read this article where Justice Stephen Breyer is crying about himself and his ideas being a target of verbal violence and he's worried that it'll become physical, I guess.

In the article, this bozo from the American Bar Association says the courts protect us. Protect us???? When did it become ok for them to assume military qualities? (I realize this isn't the real intention of this article) I thought the courts were to balance the power of the legislature and the executive branches, not a police force. But this dufus from the ABA (Michael Greco) said this:

"If we do not protect our courts, our courts cannot protect us"

OK, so I took some liberty with assuming his meaning. But stay with me. Then he goes on to say this:

"The ABA does not, and we will not, protect the interests of any political party or faction, nor the interests of any ideological or interest group"

So tell me again, why they don't protect any "special" interest groups? ACLU ring a bell? The lawyers that are members of the bar association work for both political parties and if it weren't for those lawyers, our courts wouldn't be doing so much legislating from the bench right now.

I think Mr. Breyer should have resigned his post the day he referenced international law in one of his rulings. No, I take that back, he should have been impeached.

Seems to me we need to be protected from the courts and the lawyers, not be "protected" by them! I have enough aches and pains, thank you very much.

God bless America anyway!


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