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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane chaos

Well, a lot of people have sounded off by now on their theories of whose fault everything was among other things. If you haven't done so, please say a prayer for the people in the gulf area. I have some family in the area that I haven't heard from yet and I know I can't do much, but God can put his mighty hand of protection for them and any others in this huge mess. My prayers go out for all the lives touched by this.

I could gripe about the cost of gasoline (which I've already done), or the many other things that will no doubt be affected by this, but my problems are trivial in comparison. Do keep them in your prayers. Donate water or food or cash to help out if you can. May God bless you richly.

In the meantime, I check in on Oakley and he's keeping the hatches battened down at home. See below...

He's guarding the couch with ferver as usual. Don't want those stinky cats invading this prime territory, you know.


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