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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I'm confused.

update: THIS JUST IN...
I'm the victim of APC's bungle of the license scam. Removed the APC crap off the server, and viola, it works. Of course, just let me have any power failures for a while....

Anybody have any problems with the new windows update on windows 2000 server?

I added the new version and then went to reboot the server and now it doesn't behave properly. SAV realtime protection is disabled. IE won't run any scripts, it just freezes up. Add/remove progs literally takes 20 min to open, as does my tape backup software, and also my network properties. I can't stop and start individual services.

I haven't found anything from numerous sites, but that doesn't mean someone doesn't already have an answer. If you happen to know a place to look for the answer, I'd be most obliged to hear where.

Thanks, many of them.


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