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Monday, September 12, 2005

Liberal politics are like a lighthouse

Update: Welcome Carnival of Comedy viewers!

I wonder if you thought I was going to make the absurd comparison to a light in the darkness, showing all who approach of the impending dangers of the "rocks" of conservatives and their hard headed beliefs.

Naaaaaah. I wouldn't do that. (Besides there's only one light in the darkness that I know of, see John 8:12)

What I'd like to say is they're more like the drive-in proprieter that shines his flashlight in through your fogged up windows, making you think he's going to bust you for various reasons, when all he's really after is a cheap thrill...and maybe some handouts to keep him quiet.

I picked this specific lighthouse(from Port Townsend, Washington) from a trip I took last year because it was a very fine looking specimen of a lighthouse. All clean and whitewashed, looking pretty for the camera. Standing out there all prominent and statuesque. Everything you'd expect in a lighthouse, right?

Then see the support staff below in the next pic.

All covered with crap with lots of local bums hanging around looking for a handout.

(Please, if you're from Port Townsend, don't take any offense, as none was intended...unless you really believed the first paragraph.)


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