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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Quick, pull the wool over my eyes!

What is the matter with people? If you wanna blame somebody for the Hurricane, first let's admit we're ignoring all common sense and scientific facts. Now, we can get on with the game of blaming somebody.

My vote goes to the media, then to liberal elites. The media didn't help people in the gulf region by constantly changing their stories before the hurricane hit. Look! It's coming! Oh wait, not it's not. Er, yes it is! No, sorry, it's leaving. Well, we're just not sure. Uh, oh. It's here. Quick, somebody sue somebody!

It's just like the election of 2000. Algore won, no George won, no algore won, no wait, we don't know. Uh, oh, George won. Quick, somebody sue him!

So, just like in the election of 2000, the media climbs all over themselves looking for a scapegoat to try to keep the blame off of themselves, where it squarely belongs. Then, immediately, the liberals jump on the bandwagon (not wanting to miss an opportunity to blame anybody for anything to keep the attention off of their mistakes) and starts blaming people, institutions and procedures they don't like and/or don't have any control over.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi want to investigate Bush's vacation, but let's ignore the fact they're on vacation. Ted Kennedy among other nefarious schmucks in positions of power have this messed up idea about environmental problems not even related to the hurricane are Bush's fault and that somehow contributed to the mess. (If global warming is such the cause of this hurricane's excessive damage, then how in the world did a cat 5 wipe out a small texas island 100 years ago?) Now Hitlery Clinton wants to tax us to pay for cleanup. (Just remember when election time comes around and Hitlery says she's a centrist, just remember: she's a tax and spend ultra liberal just like she's always been. One word: Hillerycare.) Why tax us? I thought your beloved FEMA was supposed to have a budget for at least part these things? Why do I have to tighten my belt and the federal budget never has to? Maybe you should talk to John Edwards for some help with clairvoyance come budget time. Screamer Howard Dean does the trademark democrat move of playing the race card. Chump.

Mayor moron of New Orleans can't seem to find the time to even get somebody on his staff to find out what to do in case of an emergency, other than blame somebody else for his own misguided attempt at being the mayor. Jeez, it's on the web for cryinoutloud. Did your entire staff flunk reading? Did nobody read this BEFORE the hurricane showed up? Even the media hinted it might show up. Did anyone know it was hurricane season? Habla ingles? Sheesh.

Ok. I'll shut up for a while. (/rant off.)


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