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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Where were you when the lights went out?

I really feel like the people who have been left homeless/jobless/churchless by the hurricane are being used and abused by the media, not to mention the left side of the political spectrum. Because of that, I've purposely not watched tv news to see what the "latest" is. If I do my part, which at this point is going to be to pray for the victims and donate goods/$$ to the cause, I can simply trust that God will see that the relief needed will come to those in need.

Last night, I stopped at a friends house. I don't see him that often, mostly because we'll start jabbering for a couple of hours, which makes the wife happy that I come home timely enough (/sarcasm off). But, I hadn't been to visit in a while, so I stopped by. Inevitably, the conversation drifted into the hurricane devastation and relief efforts.

He asked me what I thought of the relief efforts, the mayor's efforts, and the federal govt efforts. I quickly found out that he had been watching WAY too much tv about what was going on because he had been brainwashed into believing that the mayor of New Orleans was a persecuted saint who wasn't getting any outside help. When I mentioned that no one in the New Orleans area had followed established protocols and dictates, he jumped down my throat accusing me of just following the republican thought line.

After a while, I finally got him to realize I knew a little more about what he was talking about than he wished to credit me for. (Thank you blog nation!) I had mentioned a few facts here and there that were plainly getting ignored by the media stations he watched. He finally turned the conversation onto different topics when he found that I had no simpathy for a mayor that could not manage to do his job other than get in front of a camera and make an idiot of himself and most of the people around him.

I realize I make a lot of links to newsmax, but they have a wide variety of people reporting for them and they have interesting and sometimes amazing articles. Read this one. It will give you info for when you have conversations like the one I had last night. Just remember, you should always do it with compassion, not ruthlessness because even the brainwashed need compassion too. Don't forget to pray for them too, as God can open their eyes to the trouble they start too!


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