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Monday, October 10, 2005

Another vacation day!

Wow! I've had several of these vacation days in a row. This could be a habit. One I like! Nowhere did I say continue to afford, you'll notice.

Anyway, we went to Lockport NY today and then up to the coast of Lake Ontario. Watched them work the locks for a bunch of boats on the Erie Canal, but couldn't get the wife to take a ride in the tour boats.

Went up to the coast to see the 30 Mile Point Lighthouse. That was really neat. It would've classed a little better had it been open. And not raining. And not foggy. There was a light drizzle in the fog with about 250' visibility. Not even worth firing up the candle. Couldn't have seen it if you wanted.

It was still pretty neat tho. Enjoyed just running around the countryside visiting all the locale. You should come visit sometime. Preferrably when the sun is shining.


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