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Monday, October 17, 2005

A brief history

Just got back from my vacation trip to Niagara Falls and it was a lot of fun. One place we visited was old Fort Niagara. Built by the French initially in 1678 and then rebuilt bigger and better in 1728. The British took it away from them in 1729. They in turn gave it up to the Americans in 1796. They took it back in 1812, then gave it up again permanently in 1813.

This pic below is of a guy wearing the British uniform of the time, demonstrating loading and firing of his musket. Notice the unique way in which these soldiers got suntans.

As you walk around the fort, you see signs and hear stories of all the related events and things surrounding this history. You see different pertinent things to each nation as you read the signs and listen to stories throughout the fort. Even in the gift shop, there's things in there to reflect things about each country.

That's why I was so much entertained upon entering the fort, you see 3 flagpoles in the center prominade, each pole at first glance containing the flag of these 3 countries. The center, slightly elevated flag, being a US flag, then a British flag and of course the French one.

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