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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Can I get fries with that?

I think everyone experiences the after trauma of coming back to work after a vacation and all the things you didn't do while you're gone are still waiting on you when you get back. My job is no different. I've come to expect it and not be overwhelmed by it.

However, being the network admin for my company has some drawbacks in this area. It's a 24hr a day on call type position you just can't hide from. I do try sometimes tho. An easy example is where I live there is no cell phone reception. (ARE YOU LISTENING VERIZON???) So in order to call me you have to call the land line and hope I'm in the house.

Anyway, the sales dept performs a surprise move and promotes one of our salesmen and then hires a replacement for him. Nobody tells me this is in the plan. However, I did find out 4 days ahead of time when I checked my email from my motel room and seen the msg announcing his hiring to the ranks. Also in this msg is a note to me to get him a laptop.

Well, gee, I keep those in the trunk of my car and I'll whiz one right over. From New York. Yeah right. (remember they're in Cincinnati and I'm on vacation in NY)

So, I get back from vacation and immediately the push begins to get this guy a laptop. When can I get it? A week I tell them. We gotta have it by 10am Wed. Let's not forget it needs to be set up. Laughter is seeping out now.

So begins the search for a laptop of the brand I normally get. None to be found in town. Decent usable units can't be found at any of the major stores in town. (I don't use certain brands and no name ones. I learn the hard way and keep that in mind for future use.) Phone calls and web seraches reveal that Office Max has one that I will consider with all the proper hardware in it. So I order it off the web site as the store guy is clueless. The web site tells me it'll be here the next day.

Tuesday rolls by and I've checked the web site several times to see if it shipped yet, but no indication. I call them at 2:30pm to see where it is at. Oh that doesn't come from us it's from a partner company that ships in 3-5 days. The satirical laughter changes to futile laughter. I tell them to cancel the order and laugh, once off the phone for 2-3 minutes.

I took vacation for this.

I'm now just finishing up configuring an old service tech's laptop so he'll at least have one to use. He's already whining about it because it's not new. He didn't seem to care that I got 0 (that's zero) days notice of his employment with us.

Morals of the story:
Make sure other people are aware of your dept policies.
Don't buy computer equipment from Office Max.
/whining off


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