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Monday, October 31, 2005

En guarde!

Well, what do you say when challenged? The bloggers of the internet are already hated by the main stream media because they try to make them fair about their jobs. So what would be different about a main stream magazine doing the same thing? Oh, somebody is making my life miserable because they challenge my way of thinking. waaaaaaa. Grow up.

I turned on the tv this morning and Forbes was on FoxNews whining about bloggers. His magazine has taken the stance that bloggers shouldn't be protected by anonymity. He wants to be able to sue them if he can. Like he doesn't have enough cash now.

He seems to be forgetting one important thing. His very appearance on that tv show at that time is the result of the same thinking that got the bloggers the ability to be heard in the first place.

When leftist controlled media outlets are never challenged, and no one seems to know what to do, along comes Fox News Channel. How did that happen? How did his whiny butt end up on there?

Hey Steve! There's a life outside that little office door. Go catch it.


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