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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The great pumpkin

Welcome Carnival of Comedy viewers!

I guess old Charlie Brown & Linus lived in the wrong state. Every Halloween these 2 poor saps would sit out in the garden waiting on the great pumpkin. Everyone made fun of them and they eventually fell asleep and who knows what other mischief they got into that got edited out.

They could've been cleaning up the yard and still keep an eye on the pumpkin patch. Maybe rake some leaves up and not tell Lucy. Nope. Just sat there.

Well, I'm here to tell you I saw the great pumpkin. He had a home, or actually a farm, but he had a place in Clarence NY. I had to stop just to take pictures...

Looked like a fairly decent commercial establishment if you ask me. I mean the signs are very professional and polished. High quality.

And the place is laid out just like a supermarket. Here you have your shopping carts:

Here's the produce Isle:

Then you know how when you go to the market, there are always those annoying little stands with grabber things to just suck the money out of your wallet? I'm not sure what the proper name for these little teasers, but they had plenty at this store! For example, here's your castle teaser:

Here's your gazebo grabber and teepee grabber:

I will note that I seen one of these gazebo displays in a supermarket in Orlando Florida about 3 years ago, so maybe that's not so exciting.

But you have to expect some unusual grabbers so your establishment is unique. Take this one: The outhouse teaser:
I think it's a 2 holer.

And of course, my favorite: The OMG pyramid of pumpkins:

Ok. I guess you've probably seen similar things during your travels in this great country of ours. But think about this. You're driving along with the 2.3 kids in the back of minivan and they've dozed off into parent loving bliss, with their little heads leaning on the window, drooling down the side panels. You see this up ahead and you wish to treat the little tykes to something different, so you pull in and park. Right next to the great pumpkin himself. You wake them up by yelling HEY KIDS..CHECK THIS OUT.

Your 4 yr old wakes into a half stupor because he was really into his dreams and this is what he sees:

Do you think the poor little guy isn't going to freak out and scream his little guts out to the point you can't hear for 3 days?


  • I think I could endure the deafness just to evoke the screaming. to find my roadmap...

    By Blogger JermCool, at 6:57 AM  

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