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Monday, October 24, 2005

My other car is a piece of crap too.

Ever see that bumper sticker? Funny one, even if it's helping to hold the bumper on.

But that's only my lead-in, and you'll see why in just a moment. My real topic is car companies ability to not think ahead of what they do marketing-wise. Case in point: Toyota. They make some neat looking cars and well running cars. A lot of people buy them and like them. I don't personally buy them because they're Japanese cars, but to each his own I guess. (I'll not go into that rant now.)

Anyway, most all the big car companies have racing development of some sort going on inside. Toyota is no different. They have produced some fine equipment worldwide. No doubt. However, when it comes to the American market, they need to consider some very important naming techniques.

Have you seen their logo on the side of mostly 4wd pickups. Toyota Racing Development. TRD. Who in thier right mind puts a sticker on the side of their brand new pickup with a name like "turd"?

Picture're coming out of the office and one of your co-workers is going to grab a ride with you and wants to know which car to watch for when you come curbside to get him. "Uh, yeah, I drive the silver Toyota turd. You'll know it when you see it!"

Maybe some marketing dept has a sense of humor that escapes the Japanese corporate officers.

Who knows? Well, gotta go fill up the tank in my Saturn sphincter...


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