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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Signs and wonders

Sunday, at church service, we had a special guest speaker from the country of Ghana, in west Africa. Sammuel Addo has been a long time friend of our church family and we've been supporters of his ministry for many years. He has quite an evangelism ministry in his country now and whenever he visits, he always has many fantastic stories of God's miracles and saving grace.

Last year, he invited people from our church to come visit him in his country and the pastor and one of the elders went and participated in some of the crusades they conducted in several cities. They saw many people give their lives to Christ and brought back videos to show us how things went there. It was fascinating to see and hear!

When pastor was asking for support to go on this trip, a gentleman from up north somewhere (I don't know exactly where, nor do I know who he is) made a very generous contribution for them to go with. A couple of weeks before Sammuel came back to our church, the pastor got a letter from this gentleman with a very sizeable check to give to Sammuel's ministry to help build an orphanage.

The interesting thing is that before pastor gave him the check, Sammuel got up to tell us of his new projects and one of them was he was going to build an orphanage in his city. He was going to start working on see what all he'd have to do in order to get started. Then the pastor gives him the check and it about floored everyone.

What an amazing God we serve!

Hope this brightened your day, as it did mine and many others! Bless you!

If you'd like to donate to Sammuel's ministry, contact the pastor at church and he will have instructions on how to do so.


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