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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Vacation time!

Friday was a hectic day at work. I had to rush to get everything done I had planned because I'm taking a week off to go run around and spend tons of money on gas. Me & the Mrs. decided to go visit Niagara Falls. Haven't gotten there yet tho. We just got to Buffalo and found our motel.

We stopped in Erie PA last night and ate at a resturant called Safari Grill. I assumed it was supposed to be dishes prepared as if we were in Africa. Nope. Although they called it their house specialties with an African flair, it was pretty much like Lone Star Steak House.

Now that I'm not complaining about because I like Lone Star, but to be in a resturant that specializes in African dishes and have an item on the menu called Chilean Sea Bass, and marked as a house specialty, well, just ruins the ambiance for me.

Did I miss something in geography class?


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