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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Where did all the good guys go?

Just finished reading Bernard Goldberg's Bias. Good read. I'm surprised he wasn't castrated. On air. The networks, especially See-BS, had to have their panties in a wad over that one.

I've got his next book, Arrogance, on que for my reading while on vacation next week. Looking forward to reading that as well.

Anyway, I think Bias should be required reading for journalists, and particularly news anchor chairs as a guide for how NOT to do the news. Although Bernie could have cleaned up the language here and there, I think everyone should read this book to see just how easily we are manipulated by television news programs.

A typical liberal action/reaction is where Bernie makes this quote:
Dan Rather, the man who assured me "we were friends yesterday, we're friends today, and we'll be friends tomorrow," hasn't spoken a word to me, either.
I guess Bernie ended up being a useful idiot. Until he wised up at least.

Don't be one yourself. Keep an ear out for little clues that you might not be hearing the exact truth from all the proper angles whenever you watch the news. Any news. Local, cable or national. It's a pretty sure bet that any news sourced from news agencies outside of the US can be considered biased, after you read this book you'll know it when you see it/hear it.


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