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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Whoa, this is amazing!

Someone should patent this vacation idea! Get up when I wanna. Go to sleep when I wanna. Eat when I wanna. Drive where I wanna. It's like, um, I'm not at work!

Drove up to Youngstown, NY today to see the Old Fort Niagara. That was cool. I took a really cool pic that I have to publish, but for some reason it won't ftp out of this motel room, so it'll wait til I get home.

There are lots of orchards and vineyards here. Stands to reason we'd see a winery or 2. Passed one that had a big sign up that said wine tasting today. Plastered on top of it was another smaller sign that said help wanted. (I wish I had taken a pic of that)

What a country!


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