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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cell phone tip

Picture're flying to your destination, instead of any number of other modes of transport. Recent legislative changes has allowed you to talk on your cell phone until the plane leaves the gate. So, you're really into your conversation with your business associate/aquaintance/friend and you enter the plane, find your seat, and continue your conversation.

I learned Misty's work number and cell phone number on a plane today. So did about 50 other people sitting around listening to her phone conversation.

Do yourself a favor. On a plane load of strangers, don't give your name and phone number outloud. Or do the perv's and single guys a favor and speak slower. (Don't you know how hard it is to find a pen and paper in that zoo?)

I didn't write them down, so I forgot by the time we landed. I was distracted by the miniature screaming meamie in the seat 2 rows ahead of me.

Welcome Carnival of Comedy gazers.


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