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Monday, November 07, 2005

Road construction

Didn't you just cringe reading that title? I know I hate having to drive through it, especially if it's anywhere close to the daily commute to work. What's worse, nobody wants to wait their turn and it turns into a headache just to get past it.

There would be one welcome construction sign for me to see. That would be if the people in charge of Dearborne county development in southeast Indiana would wake up and do their job. Dearborne county has been the fastest growing county in Indiana for several years running and there seems to be a trend to continue that fashion.

The problem is they are doing absolutely nothing with infrastructure to help.

A few years ago, they discussed several options, for new roadways and bypasses. Some were good ideas. And then, you have the usual whiners: business owners, eco-nuts, etc.

We'll lose business....we'll lose endangered species. Yeah right.

Nobody stops at the businesses that are there now because you can't get back out in traffic once you stop. The lights thru the Greendale/Lawrenceburg/Aurora area aren't timed or controlled. (They have timers, but they aren't coordinated.) Traffic control is a total and complete failure. Boondoggle. Lost case. Nightmare.

Every day.

They talked of a bypass and somebody whined, so they stopped that. They talked of another roadway and somebody whined, so it fizzled too. However, the 2nd roadway wasn't such a bad idea and everyone knew it, so the eco-whiners came up with this brilliant plan.

Let's build a multimillion dollar bike path where they wanted to build the roadway. So they spend millions of tax dollars on a bike path that isn't used. Yay.

The other day, the development commission had a meeting with the state present. They were discussing ideas to fix traffic congestion. Guess what the state suggested? Yep, pave the bike path.

Well, DO IT ALREADY!!!!!!

The hidden problem here is that it will just move the traffic congestion from Lawrenceburg to Aurora. What a bunch of brainiacs.


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