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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We still need cowboys

I woke up early this morning, so I got up instead of trying to convince my body to go back to sleep. Now I wish I'd worked on the sleep a little more.

I commute a bit of a distance to work, about 50 miles. Usually takes close to an hour because it's interstate most of the way. Today it was a 2 hour commute. I've had to sit through some traffic problems before and this was similar. It's the minor differences that make it unique to me.

We've had tanker trucks overturn, drop loads of steel on bridge overpasses and close them for months at a time. As everyone is aware we've had them all over our nation.

This particular one, I first heard the radio report saying a stretch of interstate highway that joined onto the one I was on was closed right up to the interchange area, so I didn't give it any concern. They specifically said it was closed up to that interchange area.

But the radio was wrong. It was closed up to the next interchange, which effectively blocked my way to work. So, after I stopped and sat there for a few moments, I saw cars cutting through the median to double back, so I joined them to exit at the previous venture and drive the 2 lane roads to go around.

Little did I know that other radio stations already had the report right and I sat there for an extra hour with only about 3 or 4 cars at a time getting through the next 2 lane road interchange. But, at least it was inching forward. All in all, it took an hour and 50 minutes to come in today. It's always a problem because it seems to back your day up. (Not to mention I had to gripe about it in this post.)

Oh, I almost forgot. The accident was at 4AM that morning. A truck carrying 40 head of cattle overturned and the cows got loose on the interstate. Here, almost 4 hours later, they're still trying to catch them all.

Would've given a new name to dodge-em cars, huh.

I just wonder if they don't catch them all, if it's finders keepers? I'm thinkin' breakfast. Yeah, steak & eggs. Ummmm.


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