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Monday, November 28, 2005

When children rule...

A family getogether is always going to be entertaining in some fashion. We always take the dog and he provides for some comic relief. Even the kids can be funny at times. The few times that they aren't trying to kill each other.

It would seem that every Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter/birthday/[insert family event here] there's always the decision of what to do while dinner digests, or at least settles enough to not put you to sleep on the drive home. Inevidently, control of the tv set comes into play. Movie, football, home movie, and lately portable playstation.

This Thanksgiving day's selection was to watch a movie, more pointedly, a movie one of the kids brought with them. Charlie and the chocolate factory. That was a weird film.

Have you seen this? Johnny Depp is the walking-talking mirrored vision of Micheal Jackson.

Ugh. I just shivered.

I don't know who the old geezer was that kept doing bit parts of this and that, but he did a good imitation of an 80's hair band in one scene.

Still, it was a very weird film.


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