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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Yosemite National Park

If you ever get a chance to go visit Yosemite National Park, go check it out. It's a truly beautiful place that has captured the minds and hearts of everyone who sees it. It is just another one of God's visual treasures for us to enjoy.

And go see it before California gets annexed by Mexico, or you may miss out.

Anyway, that fiasco aside, we went there last year for vacation and it was a great trip. If you're a camper, theres a couple of huge campgrounds on site. Lots of wonderful things to see and do. Canoeing on the river, or tubing on it if you're really brave. (Water is ice cold)

Just beware that there are a few traffic hazards to be aware of. Obviously, pedestrians and wildlife are 2 big things to watch for. But there was one thing to make us feel right at home.

Construction traffic.

Just don't know what I'd have done without having to wait in line for my car to be able to move.


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