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Monday, December 19, 2005

Bob Schieffer shows ABC news in $$ crunch.

Last night, the wife & I were watching Cold Case on CBS, when right at the tail end of the program, Bob Scheiffer interrupts the last 3 minutes of the show to give his pre-commentary on President Bush's speech to the nation. What an idiot.

He spends his 3 minutes of blabble reading portions of the NYTimes article about the Bush administration approval of wiretapping anyone and everyone's phone calls after 9/11 to try to catch terrorists who might be up to no good.

I bit my tongue while this dufus read on thru his script. But then something he said got my attention. Well, it was more the way he said it. He said something to the effect of Mr. Bush approved illegal wiretaps of millions of Americans' phone calls.

Hmm. I wonder if any of my phone calls were recorded? I hope so. I could use some of them to win a bet with my friend over whether or not something was said, but I'll forget that for now.

If that really happened, what were the effects? How many people's lives were ruined or destroyed? Hmm. Um. Er.... Well...none that I can remember.

Oh, now what's the big deal, you ask? Well, I'm asking myself the same question. Why is wire tapping such a big deal? Why should millions of Americans care whether or not somebody listened in on one of their phone calls?

I'm still trying to think of a reason.

If you're committing crimes via phone or discussing crimes you committed or crimes you witnessed, then something is amiss.

If you're committing crimes via phone, then I hope you get caught. All you do is cause my rates to go up. If you're discsussing crimes you committed, then I hope you get caught still. I can't remember reading anywhere in our national/state/local laws where you have the right to commit crimes and discuss them in secret over the phone. If you're discussing crimes you witnessed, then you had better have discussed that with someone else in authority so my phone rates will not go up so much.

Somebody please explain to me why the fuss about wiretapping. If they caught anyone trying to commit terrorism with the taps, then more power to them.

The really funny thing is the president did a good job of ignoring Bob Scheiffer.

Oh and how did good old Bob show that ABC news is in a money crunch?

Well, when I'd had about enough of Bob's flapper, I switch the channel over to ABC. And the color was horrendous. I then started to check other channels and everyone else's picture was fine clear, vibrant pictures with proper skin tones.

Did anyone check CNN to see if they posted any black X's or O's over the prez's face?


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