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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Cincinnati Bengals come thru in a pinch

I will admit it right up front. I am a fair weathered Bengals fan. Bungle's...Been gurls...whatever. Anyway, I've noticed that every time I watch them, I think my junior high school football team could beat them.

This season, they haven't done too bad. Not just a winning season, but a decent one. Prior to today's game, they were 11 & 3. So after the family Christmas dinner, we watched the bungles play. And true to form, they bungled it. I stopped watching their games 12 years ago in hopes that maybe they'd win a game every now and then.

So what happens when I watch the game today? It was just like watching games 12 years ago. They stunk. How did they win any games playing like they did today?

At least they lived up to expectations.


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