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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The dog ate my homework...

The wife & I went out to eat last night at Lone Star Steakhouse. They have the best cheese fries (well it's a toss up between them and Outback). Anyway, we met an old friend I haven't seen in a while and had a great time catching up. (And eating steak).

Well, we actually ordered the steak/chicken combo meal and I ate 1/2 my chicken as the Mrs. only ate her steak. We put the remainder in a doggie bag for the Mrs.' lunch today.

I must note here that we usually take Oakley, the wonder dog, with us when we go to town as he just loves to ride in the car. He really knows we get stuff to eat when we get out of the car, as we usually bring him a leftover treat from dinner, if it isn't too spicy.

Last night was no different. He got bites of steak and chicken, practially a handful of meat.

Well, the Mrs. wanted to go to a store after dinner before we went home, so I put the leftover pkg in the back of the car (we drive a Saturn Vue). I even placed a large bag on top of it to prevent said wonder dog from investigating the lunch box. (It was one of those snap together styrofoam boxes).

We came out of the store to find that Mr. Oakley had found said lunch pkg, tore it apart and ate a healthy dose of bbq chicken. It was good too.

At least I told the Mrs. it was good, as she hadn't eaten any of hers.


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