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Thursday, December 15, 2005

I demand my rights...

FrankJ of IMAO had an interesting post yesterday on questioning people's patriotism. The comments section got into a discussion on several points, some related directly to the post, some not so related, but nonetheless a good read. A lot of it centered on rights. It will make you think, even if you don't agree with all the viewpoints. I like that about these guys. They had good discourse and no vitriol (but then again, it's early-no libs worked up yet).

How do you determine your rights? What makes a right, or a choice, or an agreement? How do you determine whether you spell it God or G-d or Yahweh or Yhwh? Is it A right to spell the name of the Almighty? Is it right to spell the name of the Almighy?

We only have rights because we accept a higher authority to give us the rights and thus protect us while we excersize them. It only stands to reason that if we grant someone else authority to protect us, that we not mock them while doing so. That's called respect. If you have no respect, you have no patriotism. Liberals expect the right to allow filth to protrude past their tonsils, yet they mock the very ones protecting the right to do so. That's not excersizing rights. It's throwing a tantrum because mom only gave you one cookie instead of 12. It's just a selfish demand.

Where's the respect? Most people excersizing their rights use a little respect. Liberals don't use respect, well only half of it. They demand it, but rarely give it. Maybe to a fellow lib, but that's about it.

Remember when President Bush gave the state of the union when the slain soldier's mother was there? That was one of the most stirring speeches he's given. Did Teddy & Hillary give the prez respect? No, they just squirmed and made faces. Just like little kids.

Liberals have the right to say they're patriotic, whether they are or not. Hillary has the right to say she supports the troops even though she doesn't seem to. Kerry has the right to say he spent Christmas in Cambodia, whether he did or not. Teddy has the right to hold the fifth in his hand instead of pouring it out a shot at a time. It's up to everyone else to decide whether to believe them or excersize the right to question their honesty.

When liberals claim they're being patriotic, I usually assume they're lying because I don't believe they are patriotic. They're good at excersizing their rights, but they're not patriotic.

I say that because they try to destroy any "rights" they don't want me to have. They want the right to speak freely, yet Fox News isn't allowed to question their double standards. They want the right to have bodyguards with heavy weaponry but more and more citizens aren't allowed to have guns. They want to be chauffered around in armored tanklike vehicles large enough to carry the armed bodyguards, but I'm not supposed to have an SUV. They demand to be able to preach their leftist hate, but I'm not allowed to love the sinner, yet hate the sin.

Remember how quickly flying US flags became popular right after the 9/11 attacks? It was a simple physical gesture that could be made to show your support for your nation in a time of crisis. That's patriotism. Then did you notice how quickly the liberals started attacking the mere appearance of flags? That showed me that they not only don't have any patriotism but they actually hate it. And anything that remotely resembles it. Even lapel pins with flags were no-no's.

So, if someone asks you if you're questioning their patriotism, tell them yes. If they don't ask for an explanation as to why you might believe otherwise and start into a tirade, then you can probably bet patriotism doesn't rank high on their personal list. Liberals want to look patriotic, not BE patriotic.

I thank God above that I was allowed to be born into a nation of patriots, to parents that taught me respect and gratitude. There was an old saying I haven't heard in a long time... it or leave it. That's your right.


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