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Thursday, December 08, 2005

What does this button do?

Wow, I can't believe so much time passed since I last posted. I've been really busy at work and just didn't notice. Uh huh.

For instance, don't use ACT!2006 software. Not on a valuable network pc anyway. I'm trying to phase it out here because I want to use an integrated product in my CRM system. Not a big deal. The old act, which Symantec unloaded on Sage, worked fine. But now, it manages to hose up anything with a SQL tag, target, code or similar bit in it. Jeez, then it won't uninstall.

Helpful hint: Don't try to uninstall 2nd time, it only gets worse. Now, none of my sql things work. DB connections to software, tools such as enterprise mgr, etc doesn't work at all. So far after 3 days of searching, I haven't figured out what it screwed up so badly.

One of my users in the shop decided he was going to use the pay yahoo service for listening to music he uploads or buys from, I'm not sure, since I don't use it. Well, it stopped working and he proceeds to take it out on me. Sent me a nasty email accusing me of not liking blue collar workers. Sheesh, I had a blue polo shirt on that particular day too.

The HR mgr's pc decided to take a dump on my day too. It was having print problems for a long time and I hadn't put my finger on the source yet, but decided that I'd need to just wipe it and reinstall everything to eliminate the time wastage. Well, the reformat resulted in a dead hard drive. Winders wouldn't even mark bad sectors it just quit and said it couldn't finish the format. What a lame OS.

Let's top that with the phone system makes everyone's day so pleasant. Not that it pipes in callers from everywhere, just that it ruthlessly does exactly what you program it to do. I wish they'd make up my mind.

Anyway, it's snowing like crazy and I probably should go contribute my share to slow traffic. Idiots forget how to drive in every time it starts falling. I still want a half track to commute to and from work. Gas mileage? I don't need no stinkin gas mileage.

Have a great day!


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