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Friday, January 13, 2006

A friday funny

Don't you just love all those stupid emails you get that says something to the effect of if you get an email with the subject of xxx-whatever-xxx, do not open it, it's got some sort of problem associated with it. Well, one day I got this email that was the epitomy of these messages.


Virus Warning!

Subject: Danger.... Please Read!!!!!!

If you receive an email entitled "Badtimes," delete it immediately. Do not open it.

Apparently, this one is pretty nasty. It will not only erase everything on your hard drive, but it will also delete anything on disks within 20 feet of your computer.

It demagnetizes the stripes on ALL of your credit cards. It reprograms your ATM access code, screws up the tracking on your VCR and uses subspace field harmonics to scratch any CD's you attempt to play.

It will program your phone auto dial to call only your mother-in-law's number.

This virus will mix antifreeze into your fish tank.

It will drink all your beer. (For God's sake man, are you listening?!?!)

It will leave dirty socks on the coffee table when you are expecting company.

It will replace your shampoo with Nair and your Nair with Rogaine.

If the "Badtimes" message is opened in a Windows 95/98 environment, it will leave the toilet seat up and leave your hair dryer plugged in dangerously close to a full bathtub.

It will not only remove the forbidden tags from your mattresses and pillows, it will also refill your skim milk with whole milk.


And if you don't send this to 5000 people in 20 seconds, you'll fart the next time you're making love.

send send send send send...................

And in case you're a blonde, this is a joke.


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