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Monday, January 09, 2006

International law of the sea

I just seen a news article where a greenpeace ship rammed a Japanese whaling boat. The headline says "Greenpeace Undeterred by Ship Collision". It didn't specifially say if the Japanese were in any way deterred. I would imagine not as the agressors are "undeterred".

Aren't you allowed to have defensive weapons on your ship while at sea to protect yourself from aggressors, such as these morons?

I mean peengrease rammed them twice. This sounds at minimum like trying to disable the Japanese ship so they can either plunder it, sink it or both. I'm thinking an L.A.W., RPG, bazooka or small torpedo would solve the pirating techniques of these idiots.

Picture this.

The captain of the preangeese ship gives the order for ramming speed, raises his eyepatch to make sure they're headed in the right direction, and slams into the whaler ship. The lookout on the forward bow picks up his marijuana joint he just dropped from the jolt of the 2 ships colliding, and shouts back to the captain that no fatal damage has been given to the whaler.

So, the captain issues orders to come around and do it again. Lookout picks up joint again and repeats damage message.

By now, the captain of the whaler has to be getting a little perturbed. So, he orders his crew to bring out their portable rocket launcher and mount it on the deck.

Do you suppose sneezegreenpieces would begin to be deterred at this point? Remember, you're in international waters.

At what point do you issue firing orders? And where would be the best place to aim?


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