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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's deja vu all over again.

I just finished reading Hollywod Nation by James Hirsen. It's a pretty good book, although if you're an avid reader of Newsmax and in particular get their left coast newsletter, some of it you will be well familiar with.

Anyway, the book does a good job of explaining what is happening to the news reporting trade. It's basically turning in to E! news televsion. And in return, entertainment tv (and movies) are trying to masquerade themselves off as news (or in simpler speak: truth). There's a reson here. TV reporters spend too much time being celebrities and entertainer types spend too much time trying to be in the news. So what better method than to meld the 2 together?

It makes you sick to think we've been hoodwinked by the liberal leaning media masquerading as newsbearers (simple speak: truth tellers). Notice I used the word masquerade. (That means I'm making them out as lyers.) Granted not all of them are, but some of the important ones are. Cronkite, Rather, Brown, Brokaw, Matthews, Jennings, Couric, Lauer, etc etc.

They twist their news reports just a little so it'll have a liberal point of view, then paste on another layer of entertainer and we suck it up hook line and sinker. Us humans can be such idiots at times.

Look at what the underlying accomplishments of this are.

The most trusted man in America broadcast the nightly news, somtimes with not quite as much truth as should have been applied. He managed to get a nation to begin not to trust the government in anything it was involved in.

This paved the way for congress to turn it's back on Vietnam after we had the war won.

It paved the way for an idiot for president who's only successful accomplishment was to get the world to buy more peanut butter.

It opened the door for a serial rapist to get elected president. He let his wife claim part ownership in the job he was elected to do. He/she illegally prosecuted their political foes with parts of the government that weren't to be used in that fashion. He destroyed our military prowess. He disgraced every American that lives or ever lived or will for that matter.

These are all results of an out of control liberal media. When Cronkite tells lies about the Tet offensive the other 2 networks don't call him on it, then in my eyes they're in on it with him. When Rather tries to push a faked document on the public and none of the mainstream networks call him on it, then they're in on it too.

Mikey Moore's F911 movie was a crockumentary masquerading as a news film. He isn't going to get these people to say what he wants, so he makes it up with bits and pieces of other stuff. And the news and entertainment trades fall all over themselves trying to heap praise on this crap.

Where is the line between news and entertainment? How are we to tell the difference?

Well, sorry, I got a little carried away. The book is a good read and it should get you worked up too upon finishing it up. I liked it. You will too. Enjoy.


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