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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Quick, let's sue somebody

I am the network admin for a small mfg company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Things for us are going pretty fair, as we stay busy and keep getting orders. The getting orders part is what keeps me happy about it.

Anyway, there's always something to come along and keep you on your toes, as with any job, so maybe I'm just making a big deal out of nothing here. Anyway, we mfr large capital equipment and deal with customer world wide. It's made me try to be more aware of users on the road if nothing else.

Anyway, we're still a privately owned company, so sarbox doesn't make life too miserable for us, but we still have to cover some of those things.

Now, I read this and find new laws are coming to force me to do things I don't have the equipment, nor budget for that matter, to do. Sheesh.


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