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Monday, January 02, 2006

Tragedy strikes home

How does this happen?

One of the cats is getting old (15 years) and cranky, not to mention, it's health is starting to fade. It's had problems keeping food down for the past couple of years and we've been giving it medicines constantly, including shots. I guess I kinda understand some of it's crankiness, but still, it's a fussy thing.

Anyway, Saturday morning, the wife had made an appt to take the cat to the vet to see why for the last month, the medicines weren't working too well. He always does blood tests and other things, which includes an x-ray. While on the xray table, the cat jerks and causes it's own leg to break. They can't set the leg, so they have to put it to sleep.

The wife is devastated. This was one of her babies and now it's gone. You can at least partially understand as she had the cat before we got married.

The vet has already called and apologized all over himself about it. He's a really nice guy and we've been taking all the pets to him for a lot of years.

I guess I'll have to get another cat.


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