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Thursday, January 12, 2006

World according to Jim?

I've watched this tv show a few times. Jim Belushi is the star of the show, I think. It's usually not that funny, but at least there are a few chucklers in there. Because it's a sitcom that isn't that funny, I don't watch it hardly at all.

However, I was visiting some relatives the other day and they were watching the show so I did as well. This particular show was Jim's daughter, which I think was like 12 or something in that area and they had rec'd a note from their teacher that the child was going to be shown a sex ed video and the parents were invited to come watch the film prior to showing it the children.

At first, Jim had the typical knee jerk reaction of no they're not going to do that, but after his wife talked to him a while, he agreed to go see the film with her. (Now you know what life for Adam was like with Eve just before eating of the forbidden fruit).

Anyway, they start watching the film and Jim jumps up and steals the tape. Turns out his mom got him an acting job as a child and he's starring in the kiddie sex tape. He doesn't want anyone to know it's him, which would have been the case had he sat still and not told anyone, but I digress.

He has his buddy doctor the tape to get his image off and another kid in there, but it turns into porno inuendos and the tape is not shown to the kids.

No where, at any time, did they address the idea that the parents should be the ones introducing their kids to the things that happen as they grow up. They feigned it by having the kids come home and talk to the parents about what they learned in class, but didn't give any idea to what really should have happened in the first place.

Stupid pc schools.


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