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Monday, January 23, 2006

You just gotta love Mondays!

Absolutely true story.

One of the engineers comes into my office just about an hour ago. She's carrying her keyboard under her arm. My curiosity is naturally peaked because this is the 2nd keyboard I've given her in the last 1-1/2 years. (Soon to be the 3rd.)

She sits down and begins to tell me that she was opening up a particularly large cad file and while waiting on it to load, she noticed that there were food crumbs in her keyboard, so she started trying to pick them out. This caused a key to pop off (the enter key by the number pad). It also broke one of the stay's underneath that holds it in place.

The missing key bugs her to the point that she superglues it back in place (the stay, not the key) and waits for it to dry, leaving said key unattached for the while. Later on in the day, she puts the key back to discover that it sticks down and has to be pryed up to work correctly. This isn't any better.

So, here she is asking if I can fix the key to work properly. She's thinking it needs a spring to pop it back up, so while I'm not paying attention to her, she gets a pen from my desk and proceeds to take the spring out of it to use on this key, never mind it's the wrong kind of spring. While fiddling with the pen, she manages to break it. So, she runs off to get her trusty superglue, as it should be easy to put the pocket clip back on at this point.

A few moments later, the pen, a mouse cord and a piece of paper are superglued to my desk. I learn of this by her saying, oh no. So, I give up on the keyboard and give her a new one and just toss this old one.

By now the glue is dry so we carefully pry everything loose from the desktop and I get my pocketknife out and begin to scrape the remnants of the glue from the shiny surface. It scrapes rather easy to my surprise, so I clean most of it off. By now, she's feeling pretty bad about the mess, so she offers to go get some desk cleaner.

She comes back with the cleaner and sprays it all over the desk where the glue was. You'd be amazed to know the glue was in 3 separate spots about 12" apart. (I figured she must've flung it at the pen.) While she's spraying it, she gets paged to take a phone call, so she comes around the desk to use my phone. Right then another engineer walks in to ask me something and he sits where she was, placing his arms in the desk cleaner.

You just gotta love Mondays!!


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