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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bait and switch

Have you ever been taken by one of these ploys? If you haven't, then yay for you.

Consider not buying stuff from TigerDirect/GlobalComputer. Add them to my list of places not to shop, but that aside....

I need to learn how to do some stuff with W2K3 server and SQL server. I know just enough about SQL server to be dangerous, so I want to learn more. Turns out the Mrs. does too, so we agreed that we should get a low end pc and put this software on it and learn as we go. The last MS SQL class we took together netted us the software, anyway. (Too bad it didn't include a pc, then I wouldn't have to have posted this.)

I shopped around looking for a pc that I could get w2k3 drivers for and turns out the basic no OS model that tiger sells for 299 had drivers, but I had to pay an extra 25$ for the drivers. I was a bit miffed by this, but thought it's still a cheap deal.

So, I placed the order, but the account mgr doesn't have a sku for the driver disk, so the deal goes to the next day. I place the order again and now she doesn't have a sku for the pc. Next day, I place the order again to find out the price has now went up another 50$ because she can't sell it for less that 375$, not the 299$ still shown on the website.


Do yourself a favor and seriously consider consequences of buying from these guys.

Apparently they don't care much because all I got was an email from the acct mgr that said I'm sorry. That's it.

I paid another 75$ and got a dell, dude.


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