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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's beginning to rain

Why is it ok to bash Christian beliefs, but not anything else? I'm not allowed to say that if homosexuals don't change their ways they're in danger of hell's fire. I'm not allowed to say that Islam is a pagan religion that pretends to worship the same god that I do. I'm not allowed to say abortion is murder. I'm not allowed to say that evolution is only a theory with no proof of fact whatsoever.

But everybody and their brother is allowed to say I'm intolerant, bigoted and hateful. Even if I'm not intolerant, bigoted and hateful. Hey, I'm not perfect, but if I know what constitutes wrong, who are you to say what's right?

Check out what NBC has tried to pull since the outcry over the book of daniel tv flop. Jerks.


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