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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Didn't the price of postage just go up?

I just read another article on paying for email. If you're not familiar with this new idea, it's not the stupid email that circulates the internet every year or so asking you to tell your congressman to vote no on some non-existant bill about to be voted on.

This is a serious attempt at squeezing more money from your pocket, nothing more. There is going to be more and more hype about it, but it's just a get richer quicker scheme.

I can understand why entities such as yahoo, google, and hotmail would support this, but AOL? These jerks already charge way more than their service is worth. (Hence my non-use of their intrusive products and subsequent ban of said products on my network). I guess that way they get to double dip your wallet.

We'll all pay for this service whether we want to or not. Reason being that part of the process supposedly will authenticate the sender a 2nd time before transmitting the email to it's destination, then at the destination it will go around the receptor's spam scanner.

Hmmm. How do you suppose that will happen? Maybe it might take some more equipment and/or software that has to be what? PURCHASED! That's what. Where does the cash for that purchase come from? Your subscription dollars, that's where.

I've said all along since the first time I found out that yahoo had free email that somewhere along the line that email will be paid for somehow besides the stupid banner adds that pollutes the screen and my disk drive.

But all this opinion of mine can be changed, if Ephraim Schwartz is willing to pay my bill for email. (Gotta read the link)


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