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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Politically correct football

God help us. Can we forgo some rules and start imprisoning the policitally correct? This is getting way out of hand.

Yes, I pick on the Bengals because they've had a topsy turvy performance record most all of my life. But that aside, I'm still a fan.

And, what, pray tell class, do the fans do for professional football?

Why, don't they pay the bills? We buy the tickets and the products advertised in the commercials so I'd say we pay the bills. So stop being stupid. It's an article about the rules committee is going to change them again to keep players from celebrating in the endzone.

"We feel the individual celebration is on the verge of getting out of hand," Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher said in a briefing on changes the committee will propose to ownership during the annual meeting.

Getting out of hand? Jeez, commercials are already out of hand, but I don't see you stopping that. Getting out of hand would be the player that just scored the touchdown spiking the ball in the referee's groin. It's just a stupid ball game. Get a life.


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