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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Take a hike, will ya?

Still vacationing it up here in Charleston, SC. If you've never been here, well, you're missing out. Seriously, they have some great restuarants and tons of places to go shopping/spending. Tons of great places to get great pictures and if you're into history, this has over a week of historical things to see and do. My hat is off to these guys. We've had a wonderful time here.

Oakley the wonder dog has been doing well too. We try to get him out of the car to walk around as much as possible so he doesn't start eating the seat cushions. One particular location today was the battery park on the southern tip of the old town Charleston peninsula. It's a really big park with big guns. Yeah!

Anyway, going for a walk in the park with your favorite person is actually kind of fun if she's in a good mood. Lots of things to see, especially here where most all of the flowers, trees and bushes are in bloom. Well it's different when the dog goes. He helps to find all the things you miss. You know, all the little things.

Like other dog poop. Chewing gum, of the abc variety. Shucks, today we found a box of half eaten chicken wings and a barbeque'd piece of pork still on the leg bone. Good eatin' by the dog's standard. Although, I thought it smelled a little. ( I didn't taste it, I left that to the dog.)

Oh and here in Charleston, they have lots of horse and donkey drawn carriages. It was cool to see and hear the large critters clip clopping down the narrow streets. (Yep, made for a few traffic congestive areas.) Well, Oakley the wonder dog doesn't seem to like large critters. Or at least he vocally objects to them. A lot. When he's standing on the seat trying to see out my window and then barks as though the window is down, it hurts my ears. Anyway, I thing at any given time, there were at least six of them circling the park. Every time Oak seen one, he had to inform everyone in the park he seen them.

Oh, and then he found the little grey squirrels that had overpopulated the park. Those little guys had a superhighway of tree limbs to crawl over and one of them could practically cover the whole park in a minute or 2, but they had to climb down to the ground for something or other. Then Oak would try to find what they were up to. Along with my arm.

I've got one of those auto retracting leashes with about a 15 or 20 food cord on it. It has this great autobreaking system on it to keep Oak from outrunning his tie-up. My arm/shoulder socket. He can produce some serious pull for a 47 pound dog.


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