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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Can I get cheese on that?

What a wonderful world we live in. I can get a waffle with cheese on it if I want. I can get most anything I want, but still there's strife on the planet. So, chill out, ok?

I recently purchased a new laptop for a new salesman we hired at work. Bless her heart, she's a nice person to talk to. But I'm a little worried about computer skills. When I was getting ready to show her how the features worked, she wanted to know if it had a wireless thingy so she could connect that way at home.

Yep, sure does, got the latest 802.11g on it!

Well, next morning, she comes to visit me as she's having trouble connecting to the wireless at home. So, I go thru the software with her again to make sure she understands how to find a new network and connect to it.

Next morning the same thing. So, this time I tell her about the dial up software on there as a backup until we can figure out the wireless problem. My confusion is developing at this time because it will reconnect to my office wep setup automatically (as it should).

2 more business days pass and I decide I need to try to teach her some troubleshooting techniques. I show her how to read the signal strength bar graph and how to force it on and off. Then I do some troubleshooting of my own and discover that the default setting for XP is to turn off the wireless card when the power cord is disconnected.

Who designed this stupidness???????????

So, I change that setting. Next morning, same result, no connection. This really has me about ready to break my rule of not going to someone's house to fix their laptop. So, I ask her to give me exact details of what she does when she tries this at home.

She takes it out of the briefcase, plugs in the power cord and turns on the laptop. She logs it in and clicks the wireless search, but no networks are found. Then she unplugs it and walks all over her condo to see if she can find the signal, but no effect.

So, I ask her what brand of wireless router she's using. She has no clue as to what I had just asked. I asked her which internet service she was using. Net zero. Oh, you have dial up, not high speed? Yes.

Apparently, no one else in her condo bldg had a wireless unit she could tap into.

I still believe that society in general is not ready for the personal computer. It's no wonder spammers and phishers are so successful. People really need to be educated on this.


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