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Friday, April 28, 2006

Slave labor

Churchhill downs is going green. But at what cost? After reading this article, I belive the cost is setting a really bad example.

Apparently, Churchhill downs and Louisville decided to try to earn some brownie points with the enviro wackos by saying they're going to recycle. So, they make a deal with a recycling outfit to do so. Problem is, they ain't going to put trash cans out to collect cans and bottles until the following week. What a joke. (Don't they have a WalMarts nearby?)

Anyway, someone must've said something, so they hoodwink a local bunch of schoolkids to come over and sort thru the trash.

Now, I believe in helping out my community, but having my kids sort thru someone else's trash is beyond limits. There's nothing wrong at all with recycling this stuff. But if your going to have kids do the dirty work, PAY THEM. These selfish tards are going to donate the proceeds of the children's dumpster diving to a charity. I bet the kids nor their parents get to pick the "charity".


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