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Friday, April 07, 2006

What was that you said?

My sister's Father-in-law passed away last weekend and the funeral was Wednesday. My brother was in town and brought his daughter to help him drive (he has a really bad back and can't sit in the driver seat too long). My sister's daughter also is of driving age (barely) who got to be the driver for a while.

Soon, she stated she was hungry and wanted to go to a drive thru to get a burger. Well, if you have or are around teenagers much, they have a certain attitude about them. You know, smartness, smugness, confidence, etc. Yes, you guessed it...know-it-all.

Anyway, she proceeds up to the order box and in all her glorious, confident, smartness, she orders a dubber cheese burger. Well, you know this just isn't about to be left alone.

The conversation began to apply this new word. You know, the shortstop made a dubber play. The basketball player dubber dribbered. At my poker game, I had this hand that was perfect for a dubber down. You better fix me a drink and make it a dubber. Let me dubber check your order for that burger.

Well, it really got on her nerves after a short while and she started to complain and want the teasing to quit. "Hey," she said, "I've got an image to obtain."

Yeah, me too.


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