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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Whatever it is, it can kill you.

Finished reading the book Peace Kills, by P.J. O'roarke. It was an interesting read, but I was thinking after I read it, what exactly was his point?

He makes some very funny comments from time to time, which makes it a much more enjoyable read, but I wasn't sure what his point was supposed to be. One moment, he's sounding liberal then conservative. (Kinda like congressmen).

He covers several hot spots in the world where the US is trying to do something to instill peace into the region at the moment and he gives some excellant commentary on the situation(s) at hand. Maybe he's been hanging around too many reporters or something similar.

It's still a thumbs up read, but just a bit frustrating as you don't know what his point is supposed to be.


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