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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Did I ever tell you about the time I....

Being the devoted American citizens we are, we (Me & the Mrs.) voted yesterday. Not much to vote for except for sherriff, but we voted. It almost was a by myself trip tho, thanks to said sherriff's dept.

(Play that music that plays when you are drifting back to an earlier Saturday).

I was speaking to my neighbor a few days ago and he told me he had gotten a gun permit and how easy it was to get. I got to thinking about it and thought it would be a good idea. For nothing else than keeping out of trouble when carrying a gun to my friends houses for target practice. (I do that quite frequently)

So, I mentioned it to the wife and she said she'd like to have one too. So, we made plans to go this past Saturday morning. This process usually entails going to the sherriff's office filling out papers and background check, going to the clerks office for notary stamp, then to the post office to mail it to the state police. Pretty easy.

Anyway, the officer started with my form. He didn't write very fast, so it took a while. He called in my driver license info for the background check. They called back in a few minutes and ok'd it, then he fingerprinted me and it was done. Then he started on the Mrs, which I was prepared for it to take a while so I wandered into the other part of the office and started talking to the sherriff's secretary, mostly to not interrupt the officer. (He was as talkative as me)

After he called in my wife's DL info, it took forever for them to call back When they did, the officer left for about 20 minutes and when he comes back, he asks the Mrs if she's ever been to the state of Maryland. She said yes, as she had been to Baltimore for a training class.

Her affirmative answer prompted the officer to tell her he'd have to place her under arrest. He started telling a bunch of charges, states and aliases that the computer search had kicked out based on her name and birth date. He needled her on a few of them then started laughing as he knew he'd successfully gotten the joke on us. Some joke, I thought.

Turns out her birth date and name caused someone else's records to come up in the query. Also, he mentioned that we should send the forms in separate envelopes as hers might take longer to approve.

Somehow, I figure this is my fault.


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