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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Mine was off to a good start just because I didn't have to come to work on Monday. (It was waiting on me at home)

Anyway, my mom & aunt decided to have a birthday party for my grandmother. She is 84. We passed word around that we were having the party for her and my sister & her husband from Orlando Florida called me Thursday morning and asked if they could stay at my house so they could come to the party. I said sure, come on down (up). Then Thursday afternoon, my brother from West Plains Missouri called me and wanted to stay at my house too. Come on over!

All of a sudden, my wife's visions of me getting a bunch of stuff done around the house went flying out the door. (Which she did try to make up for on Monday). Anyway, they made it up for the party and all were surprised because we didn't tell anyone they were coming. My mom and my grandma were thrilled to get to see them all.

Then Sunday we all went to see the Reds play and miraculously, they won! Home run in the bottom of the 9th! Yay!

Then Monday everyone cleared out before sunrise. Then at 4:30am my phone rings and it's my sister. Their car won't start. I went downtown to see what was wrong and the engine was acting like it had heat seized or something, so I went to the only place I could buy tools (I didn't have a breaker bar and corresponding socket size to fit the crank bolt.): WalMart.

Yay for 24hr stores with practically everything you need at all hours day or night! After I bought 75$ worth of wrenches and sockets we ended up with the right size to turn the engine crank and start the car! Yay, they were on their way home!

We had a great weekend. I'm really tired now.


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