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Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's time God was brought back to school

I got home last evening and decided to watch some idiot box time. I started flipping thru the channels to find that nothing really interesting was on and happened to cruise past TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). Of all the people to see on there, was Chuch Norris.

This was enough to get me to stop and watch for a few to see what he was up to. Turns out he and his wife were doing a show on this new program (not really new, just new to me) on something called the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools. I was awestruck by what I heard of this program. It's in 37 states and so far it's not been brought down by the anti Christian lawyers union, otherwise know as the aclu.

Check them out. I put their logo on the sidebar as I was so impressed. You will be too. Check them out now!!

It's worth the trip, especially for our younger generations!


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