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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

NCIS: the tv show

When NCIS first came on, I didn't watch it because Mark Harmon still reminded me of the movie he played the serial killer in. Every time he was on screen, I could only think that a serial killer had made it to a pertinent post in the government, of course perpetrated by hollyweird.

Anyway, as time went on and my wife persisted, I began to watch the show and enjoyed the plots and the sometimes subtle and not so subtle humor of the show. I was happy that recently CBS came under fire and eventually fined for some of the overly explicit stuff this particular show had aired. (The other CSI shows are as bad too, if not worse, but at least they (CBS) got caught on one of them.)

But a couple of years ago, I read a couple of books by Ann Coulter (Treason, Slander). These 2 books served to open my eyes to some of the subtle ways that the extremely leftist movie & TV production organization called hollywood will go to fool the general public into basically mistrusting not only the government, but everybody.

Anyway, what came to me after reading these 2 books was that hollyweird had me convinced not to watch a tv show with Mark Harmon in it. It may not have occurred to others, but it did to me anyway.

So, last night's episode was the 2nd of 2 for the season ender where Harmon's character wakes up from a coma with memory loss. The loss was caused when he was investigating a terrorist trying to blow something up in the navy. (Which we later discover is a ship). Anyway, the show wastes a lot of time on Harmon's character's past life before NCIS, but eventually get around to him remembering what happened at the last second and when he tells secnav I assume, they ignore his warning and the ship is blown up.

Harmon's line is "Is everybody up there as stupid as you are?" tells the hollywood line bright and clear. They think the government is basically stupid and we shouldn't trust them.

Although there are a few exceptions of whom I DO think are stupid, I believe the dept of the Navy is much more intelligent than that and the scenario would not have occurred. Obviously, hollyweird's copout would be "it's only a tv show", but that's the entire idea. They use a tv show to brainwash us into not trusting our military and our leaders. Jerks.


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